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Balancing Time and Energy

With so much pressure on time and priorities, it can be difficult to achieve balance in life. We often don’t have control over the hours we work or how much time we spend with others. Yet, the best way to make a change is to first become aware of how we spend our time and energy. That is, we can ask ourselves how much time is spent each day working, sleeping, eating, relaxing, exercising, sharing with friends, etc. Then look at the patterns that emerge. What changes would help us live a more balanced life?

One way we can balance our time and energy is by incorporating the opposite activity. For example, if we’re rushed all day, we need time to slow down; if we’re in meetings all day, we need some quiet time alone; if we’re constantly surrounded by noise, we need to spend time in silence. When we shift our perspective and become more mindful of our patterns, we can create the time and energy in the areas of our lives that are truly important to us. Our ultimate goal is a balanced life with enough time for work, relationships, relaxation, and to enjoy a harmonious life.