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Being a Good Listener

Being a good listener is an important skill. No matter what our background, experience, or culture, active listening is essential for everyone. Listening leads to the understanding of facts and ideas, but more importantly it enables us to understand the greater meaning of what’s being conveyed. Every communication we have is an exchange of energy. To be a good listener, we need to pay attention to the energy behind the words being said, whether it’s verbally or nonverbally through gestures, voice, and body language.

Emotions play an important role in the way we listen and have a huge impact upon our interactions with others. The more aware we are of our emotions, the easier it is to pick up on clues that reveal what others are feeling and expressing. Being a good listener also helps us to create a safe environment for the speaker where creative ideas, problem solving, and trust can flourish. This allows us to discuss difficult topics without creating conflict or destroying trust. By having a positive attitude and keeping an open acceptance of those around us, we become more understanding with others, resolve problems quickly, and build stronger relationships.