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Being Centered

What does it mean to be centered? Being centered is like having a place of equilibrium within ourselves, a state of stillness and peace to come to even when anxiety, emotions, and stress seem to push us off balance. In this hectic world we live in, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and frustrated, especially when working in a high stress environment. Yet by keeping our center, we’re not easily thrown off by negativity, fear, or anger. When we are calm and centered within ourselves, we develop a greater sense of awareness and perception that lowers stress and greatly increases our effectiveness.

The concept of “centering” originated in Aikido, the Japanese martial art of harmony, which teaches how to be grounded, balanced, and having a calm sense of presence. The technique of centering the mind and body is exceptionally helpful before a speech, musical recital, exam, job interview, negotiations, or resolving conflicts. The more we learn to calm and center our mind without distractions, the more we can reduce the anxiety and stress in our lives. By being centered, we can restore our inner harmony and return to a peaceful pattern of living and a positive way of being.