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Being Evenminded

Evenmindedness is the state of being calm, balanced, and composed even under stressful situations. Usually we have a tendency to react with aversion when something unpleasant happens. Our senses, moods, and even the misunderstanding of others can all contribute to an anxious or restless mind. Yet, being evenminded helps to give us clear perception, which is the ability to see things as they really are and undistorted by our emotional bias. A calm, balanced mind perceives at a much higher level where it’s easier to experience a sense of clarity which helps improve concentration, decision making, and intuition.

One way to check if we are evenminded is to observe throughout the day whether or not we can keep the continuity of our calmness. Whether we work fast or slow, we should work from a center of calmness. Try not to work or act from a restless state of mind. Everything we do in life depends upon our outlook and emotions. By being evenminded, we can restore our inner harmony and return to a more peaceful pattern and positive way of being.