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Being Fearless

Fear is one of the most basic human emotions. It can be positive when it protects us from danger, but fear can be negative when it robs us of our inner peace, joy, and motivation. Too often we allow fear to dominate our lives which can become the main source of our nervousness, distress, and anxiety. Instead of trying to escape from fear, we can sharpen our awareness and notice how much our fears affect us. It’s easy to become attached to fearful thoughts and feelings and think that’s who we are, which couldn’t be further from the truth. We are not our fears. We are the awareness that experiences it.

To be fearless we must believe in ourselves and know that our greatest potential lies within. Fearlessness is connected with what we are feeling right now, rather than stressing over past mistakes or worrying about the future. Being without fear is a product of mindfulness where we learn to live in the peace of the present moment. And fearlessness helps us to see more clearly our connections with others. Without our fears and doubts, we cultivate inner happiness and experience the richness of life.