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Clarity of Mind

Having clarity of mind is essential for living a balanced, harmonious life. When our mind is calm and free of distractions, we have a clear perspective of everything around us. Yet if our mind is constantly overwhelmed or stressed, it’s impossible to perceive things clearly. Even small and unimportant things can become a matter of grave concern making our response to problems or conflicts seem out of proportion. Clarity of mind frees us from the mental noise and breaks us out of our swirling stream of thoughts. With a sense of clarity we can perceive things as they truly are.

When our mind is open and clear we can make sense of everything that happens in our lives, from the thoughts we think to the emotions we experience. It’s our thoughts and feelings that reflect our perception toward ourselves and others. Clarity comes when we’re aware of what is important to us and letting go of the rest. There’s no doubt or uncertainty. When our mind is calm and clear, everything is reflected perfectly because we are in our natural state. We gain clarity within ourselves and discover our own inner wisdom. With a sense of clarity we can fully appreciate the beauty and richness of life.