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Dealing with Nervousness

Nervousness is prevalent in today’s world where our thoughts of worry, anxiety, and fear leave us feeling tense and apprehensive. Whenever we become distressed or afraid, we’re overloading our nervous system which can lead to chronic damage. The best way to deal with nervousness is to practice the art of calmness. Nervousness and anxiety are profoundly helped by learning how to be relaxed both physically and mentally. By calming the nervous mind, we can restore our sense of balance and harmony.

One way to relax our mind and body is by breathing, which has long been recognized as a link between mind and body. When we are nervous, we have a tendency to take short, shallow breaths. By drawing a few deep breaths, we can physically calm our body, which then naturally calms the mind. This may sound simple, but by taking a few deep, cleansing breaths we can literally calm our breathing pattern and recover quickly from stressful events. Being calm gives us an incredible advantage when facing life’s challenges and experiences.