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Developing Relationships

Developing healthy relationships with people is one of the most important experiences we can have in our lives. Healthy relationships are when we love, accept, and encourage each other every day. Yet if we distance ourselves from our own feelings, the more withdrawn we become from others as well. We can lose our ability to communicate effectively and build strong relationships, both of which depend upon being in touch with our emotions. Whether we realize it or not, it’s our attitude and the quality of our connection with others that has a huge impact upon the way we shape our relationships.

What makes a healthy love relationship? Staying involved with each other, getting through conflict, having a sense of humor and playfulness, being able to compromise, and most of all, communicating authentically with one another. Honest and open communication is the key for any relationship. Even during busy and stressful times, a few moments of sharing and connecting helps to keep relationships strong. When we feel comfortable expressing our ideas, needs, fears, and desires, it can greatly strengthen the bonds of trust. By developing strong connections with our loved ones, not only will our relationship survive, it will flourish.