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Expanding our Comfort Zone

We all have comfort zones where everything feels safe and familiar. Yet, if we always choose to remain in our comfortable space, we’ll never be challenged or learn new and exciting things in our everyday lives. It really is a reflection of our self-image. When we feel good about ourselves, it’s a lot easier to step outside of our safety net and be inspired to take action.

We can’t truly succeed in life without venturing beyond our comfort zone. It’s all about getting rid of our fears by letting go of self-judgment, self-doubt, and our limiting beliefs. Our sense of security doesn’t reside in anything outside of ourselves, it lies within us. Though we can’t live outside of our comfort zone all the time, we can take time to try new things, see old problems in a new light, or tackle the challenges we face with new energy. Expanding our comfort zone is an important part of discovering our true potential as it increases our confidence, which enables us to continually expand our vision of what we see as possible for ourselves and others.