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Finding Balance in Life

Finding balance in life is a realistic and important goal, but it can be an elusive one. People often perceive life as a constant struggle, and where there’s a struggle, there is a loss of balance. Stress, anxiety, and fatigue are the main culprits that cause us to lose our balance. Yet, the more we cling to circumstances, people, or possessions to hold us in balance, the less we rely upon our inner strength and flexibility to adapt to the many changes in everyday life. Balance comes when we adapt or create change, rather than trying to resist it.

Being balanced is moving forward with the rhythm and flow of life where we feel healthy, happy, and fulfilled. That’s why living a balanced life is not so much a symmetrical or fixed point, like the familiar image of a balance scale; rather it’s like riding a bicycle where balance comes easily as we gain momentum. Being balanced helps us to achieve a natural state of harmony where we can embrace life’s challenges, adapt to new situations easily, and move forward in life in a meaningful way.