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Getting Rid of Old Habits

We are all creatures of habit and it’s the power of habits that form our day-to-day actions. Yet to our subconsciousness mind, there is no good or bad habit. Every habit we have reflects our way of thinking. Our habits really do define us. So to make a positive change in our lives, we need to mentally leave behind any habits that no longer serve us and replace them with positive habits that do. When we change our habits, we can change the direction of our lives.

How do we get rid of old habits? To change a habit we must first change the thoughts that support the continuation of that habit, which are often deeply ingrained. Overcoming habits is really about being aware of the thought patterns of our mind and changing the energy behind our thoughts. Whenever the change we desire is more important than the habit itself, we will succeed in our efforts. By developing good habits we can create harmony and foster self-esteem which broadens our view of what’s possible in our lives. Believing in ourselves is especially important because self-kindness, love, patience, and understanding help to make the change we want for ourselves and in the world.