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Letting Go of Past Hurts

Past hurts and resentments have a way of keeping us stuck in our lives. We often “hang on” to the things that have hurt, angered, or saddened us. Yet, if we hang onto these emotions, we’ll never be free and move forward in life. The concept of “letting go” is all about releasing our attachments to hurtful events to where we feel that we’re no longer attached to them. We can let go of emotions like pride, guilt, or shame that prevents us from forgiving ourselves and others.

In order to let go, we must first be aware of the areas where we may be harboring resentments. Do we regret any past actions? Are we holding a grudge? Once we’re aware that we’re hanging onto past hurts, we can then make the decision to let go of the negativity. Remember, we always have a choice over our thoughts and actions and we can put an end to the repetitive negativity that often fills our mind. The better we become at letting go of our emotional baggage, the more freedom and peace of mind we gain which allows us to focus on creating the positive life we want to live.