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Making Personal Change

Personal change is all about wanting to make ourselves a better person. Yet, personal change is one of the most difficult changes we can make. Even when we consider making a change, we tend to respond in negative ways either by avoiding change or complaining about it. All too often we’ve become comfortable with our old habits and ways of thinking. To make a positive change in our lives, we need to leave behind those old negative thoughts and patterns and embrace new possibilities and challenges. That’s why it’s important to choose a direction and take action.

Before we make any personal change, we need to do two things: We have to want to change, and believe that we can change. When we believe in ourselves, we’re willing to think differently and trust that we’ll discover new ways to make our changes succeed. In fact, we can do one thing every day that moves us toward our goal. By using positive words and thoughts to support our change, we can avoid getting stuck in depression, anxiety, or other negative moods. By making positive changes in our lives, we can experience a great change of mind and even a greater change of heart.