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Our Connection with Others

We connect and interact with people through our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Every communication we have is an exchange of energy and we can sense this “flow” of energy when we connect with others. Often times it’s difficult to connect with people if our mind is overburden with worry, stress, or even the latest gossip. Yet, the more our heads are filled with mental noise, the less effective our interactions and communication becomes. It’s the quality of our connection that creates the basis of our interactions and relationships with people.

Greeting and welcoming others with positive energy greatly improves the quality of our connection. Since it’s through our emotions and attitude that we connect with others, why not eliminate judgment and greet people by seeing the best in them. Seeing the best in others generates an incredible connection where our interactions become easier and more natural. We can learn to use this positive energy to communicate more efficiently for greater clarity and success. The more authentic we are when connecting with others, the better we feel about ourselves and the easier it is for us to establish trust, sincerity, and appreciation in all of our relationships.