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Our Fears and Doubts

Fear and doubt are basic emotions that everyone experiences which include many things, such as fear of the future, worrying about the past, doubts about relationships, or uncertainty about careers. It’s our fears and doubts that block our personal growth and limit us toward reaching our full potential. Often times we become so attached to our fearful thoughts and anxieties that we think they’re all that exist. Yet, it’s important to remind ourselves about the countless times we were successful in life, despite our fears and doubts.

To overcome fear and doubt, we must first become aware of how much it is affecting our lives. What kind of thoughts race through our mind whenever fear arises? Are our fears keeping us from moving forward with what we want to accomplish, or do we doubt our own abilities. It’s our perception and attitude that determines our thoughts and how we feel about ourselves. By reflecting upon our fears, we can learn to identify any fearful thinking and try to understand the root cause of it. As our fears diminish, our minds open to new insights and experiences that can benefit and enrich our lives.