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Our Inner Joy

Joy is created from within and is our natural way of being. We feel this joy whenever we’re at peace with our own experiences, even while living through all the activities and challenges of everyday life. Being joyful isn’t so much about what we have or the happiness we’re searching for, rather it’s how we feel within ourselves. We can see this whenever we look back at our lives knowing that our greatest moments are when we’re expressing our joy, not when we’re seeking it.

We can develop our inner joy when we cultivate a generous, open heart. The more we give to others, the more happiness and well-being we create. And it’s not just giving material things; we can give by being positive, sympathetic, and inspiring with our love. When someone comes to us depressed, discouraged, or negative, it’s great if we can be more uplifting and positive, or say something encouraging that helps them discover their own inner peace and understanding. Whatever we do in life, it’s our inner qualities by which we are known. We truly can create a sense of joy within ourselves and share that happiness as our gift to the world.