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Overcoming Anger

Anger creates emotional distance between people, destroys trust, and erodes relationships. Every time we become angry or have an emotional outburst of anger, it only increases the amount of negativity, hate, and frustration within ourselves and for everyone else around us. Why do we get angry? We tend to think that anger is caused by something outside of ourselves, such as other people or frustrating events, yet it’s important to realize that anger is something that we create ourselves. And knowing that anger is a chosen response makes it easier for us to realize that we can let go of this negative habit.

Overcoming anger is about learning to let go of negativity and resentment. Often times we choose to hang on to things that at some point have hurt or intimidated us. Thinking about why we get angry can help us find positive strategies to understand our anger and learn how to manage our emotions better. Not every person creates anger in the same way. Each of us has different beliefs and interpretations that produce individual emotions. By identifying the underlying problem we can learn to overcome our anger while gaining valuable insights into ourselves.