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One of the most powerful personal development tools we have is self-awareness. Self-awareness is the ability to recognize and comprehend our emotions, motivations, and changing moods. It’s being aware of how we act in certain situations and what we think and do as a result. The more aware we are of our emotions and feelings, the better we can make positive choices with our words, attitudes, and actions. After all, it’s our thoughts and feelings that reflect our outlook in life and most importantly our attitude toward ourselves and others. With self-awareness we’re more mindful in our decision making and identifying opportunities for our professional and personal growth.

Self-awareness can be practiced by paying close attention to the way we think about ourselves and our interactions with others. This includes our responses to verbal and non-verbal communication with other people and their reactions towards us. By recognizing how we express ourselves and interact with others, we can then shift our perspective from any negative aspect into something more positive and self-assured. Bringing awareness into the experience of our lives opens up the reality for positive change which we create for ourselves and the world around us.