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The way we speak to ourselves inside our head is known as self-talk, and as with most of us, it means we are in constant mental dialogue all day long. Yet, self-talk isn’t just mindless chatter. It’s an important indicator of our self-esteem and level of confidence. What we say in our mind makes a tremendous difference in how we feel about ourselves and shapes our entire outlook of life.

If we want to improve our self-talk, it’s important to pay close attention to both the positive and negative ways we speak to ourselves. The key is to simply listen to the tone or nature of our inner voice. By recognizing how we express ourselves, we can then shift our perspective into something more positive and self-assured. The way we talk to ourselves really is a habit, and as with any habit it can be changed with awareness and willingness. When we change the way we think and feel, the better we can change our actions in life and the reality we create for ourselves and the world around us.