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The Power of Our Words

The words we speak every day can have a huge impact in our lives. It’s our words that provide a glimpse of our innermost thoughts. They are a confirmation of how we see ourselves, our lives, and others. When we are positive and use affirmative words when we speak, it creates positive energy in our everyday lives. Yet, if we are complaining or gossiping, we’re using harmful words that produce a world of negativity which also affect our lives. When words and phrases are repeated often, whether negative or positive, they really do create our reality and the world around us.

Where we choose to place our thoughts and energy is what we are creating right now, since our words create our actions. Negative or powerless words such as “can’t,” “shouldn’t,” or “won’t,” should be avoided since they defuse positive thoughts and limit our ability to create. Words like “hate” can be destructive, while words like “love” can quickly attract what we want in life. By being positive and consciously speaking our reality into existence, we discover the great power that our words have in creating an incredible life.