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Understanding Conflicts

All of us experience conflict at some time in our lives. Conflict occurs whenever people disagree over values, perceptions, or ideas. Most conflicts are usually the result of a disagreement or misunderstanding between people. But conflicts can bring up unproductive feelings revolving around the need to be right, to feel important, or to be in control of the dispute.

People often have strong emotional feelings in a conflict and make assumptions about the other person’s viewpoint. If we find ourselves in the midst of a conflict, remember that others are coming into the situation with totally different backgrounds or a different set of experiences than ourselves. By exploring what’s important to everyone involved and seeing things from another’s point of view, we gain valuable insights in how to address the real issue at hand.

Resolving conflict is an opportunity for learning and understanding the differences that exist between people. We can all live harmoniously despite conflicts as long as we know how to responsibly manage our struggles and emotions. When conflict is resolved effectively, it expands our awareness, develops mutual respect, and gives us a greater perspective into how we can achieve success in our own lives.